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Title: The Wrong Choice
Fandom: Eye for an Eye (1996)
Pairing: Angel Kosinsky/Michelle
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#061 - choice
Word count: 1000
Summary: It all came down to choices.

It all came down to choices. People in horrible situations had to make difficult choices, it was something she saw everyday in her line of work, especially when she was working undercover. Of course, whatever were the circumstances, they didn’t excuse the people that made the wrong choice, but they did make it easier to understand those people’s mistakes.

She had choices to make too, every step of the way. It was one of the hardest things about being undercover. The difficult lines she had to navigate, of how much to interfere. No interference was impossible, simply by being there she was already disrupting the group, so she had to chose how far that disruption would go.

Some agents, when they go undercover, try to push people into action without actually doing that. Stimulating them just enough so it wouldn’t be thrown out in court, toying with the legal boundaries of entrapment just so they could close their cases faster, consequences be damned. She wasn’t like that, it didn’t seem right to be rooting for someone to be murdered just so she could move one case to the closed pile. But she normally wouldn’t have tried to stop people from acting either. Doing so would break her cover more often than not, and would just mean that people wouldn’t trust her.

It was a difficult balance. Inaction was impossible by design, and the wrong choice between stimulating and disencouraging action could have dire consequences.

She shouldn’t have told Karen anything, she was risking the whole operation just to keep Karen from throwing her life away. Angel wasn’t sure why she had done that, maybe because unlike so many parents, Karen still had a living child, younger than Sean, that needed her, maybe because she saw how unjust the whole situation was, how that prosecutor’s incompetence lead to a rapist and a murderer to walk free to do that again.

She wasn’t counting on Karen just showing up to her house and seeing Sean. Angel had honestly hoped that her words would be taken as the desperate advice of a friend and that her cover would remain intact, but it had been a bad gamble. Telling Karen the truth had the potential to be even worse, but Angel couldn’t just let her go back to the group without an explanation, that was sure to ruin the operation and possibly end her chances at another undercover opportunity any time soon.

Involving Michelle in it had also been a mistake, it would be so much easier to pretend she was divorced, the death of a child is a common enough justification to end a marriage, but Karen got her by surprise, and her training taught her that, when in doubt, the best solution is to give the closest thing possible to the reality. Contradictions and hesitation are what get you when you have a cover to maintain, so keeping things close to the truth helped with those.

However, it would be pointless to go over everything that she thought she did wrong, because it wouldn’t change the outcome. Her contact in Santa Monica PD told her what had happened as soon as they got the call. Over the course of the weeks she managed to get the names of all the killers - convicted or alleged - from the parents at the group, and she had an eye out for anything that might happen to any one of them. She even asked her contact to pay extra attention to Doob, just in case.

Angel shouldn’t review the evidence, just warn her supervisor that she thought Karen was one of the people supplied by the group to enact vigilante justice on her daughter’s killer. But the police was looking at it like self-defense, and Doob was found at her house, so Angel couldn’t help a little bit of curiosity.

Everything looked just fine, Karen had a perfectly reasonable explanation for shooting him, and yet, when Angel talked to the detective in charge, she knew that he knew, even though he never said anything.

Later, Michelle would ask her about it. She was a smart woman, Angel always loved that about her, and the dots weren’t too hard to connect. Michelle would know that Karen had planned everything and would want to know what her wife would do about it.

This case had already lasted so long, and Karen’s confession could put an end to this vigilante group before the next kill. But she would never talk, Angel was sure of this, and they wouldn’t be able to prove any of this in court. There’s a big difference between having a gut feeling and having hard evidence to back it up, if that weren’t the case, Karen wouldn’t even have been in that situation.

The only time they could talk, really talk, was when Sean was already asleep, and they were about to go to bed. Another problem with being undercover, the hours suck. She would like nothing more than to dismantle the whole group and close the case, but this wasn’t the break she was looking for, and besides, perhaps they would find some evidence on that drive-by shooting and that would be it.

It all came down to choices. And Karen made the wrong one, but was smart enough to protect herself. Perhaps seeing a killer get away with it twice for lack of evidence had inspired her. It was wrong, and Angel would never advocate for vigilante justice, but if the police was satisfied with it, and she had no evidence, what else could she do but accept it?

So, when Michelle asked her, when the lights were off and she was already half asleep, if she would flag Karen for her supervisor, she said no. It all came down to her choices as well. And she chose not to obsess over cases that couldn’t be proven, for her own sake.

At least if she was sure no more harm would come of it.


Title: In the shadows
Fandom: Dragon Age Inquisition
Pairing: Josephine Montilyet/Leliana
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#062 - shadow
Word count: 100
Summary: They did their best work in the shadows.

They did their best work in the shadows, figurative or literal. Both of them worked better if their interventions weren’t known, protected either by the cover of night or by the social conventions and best interests of the parties involved that prevent any further conversation about what was done. Leliana and Josephine were two sides of the same coin, each using her expertise to exploit enemies and obtain what she wanted. It was only natural that they were drawn to one another, like opposing polarities urging to meet. And once they met, there was no way to pry them apart.


Title: Life outside the circle
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Pairing: Leliana/Female Amell
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#063 - window
Word count: 100
Summary: She would look out the windows and wonder about a life she couldn’t have.

For most of Solona’s life, she thought she would never see the outside of a circle tower. It wasn’t so uncommon for mages to spend their entire lives there, because they simply weren’t of any use to the Chantry, and she was afraid this was what was going to happen to her. She would look out the windows and wonder about a life she couldn’t have, and now she was free, and didn’t know what to do with that freedom. So, Leliana promised her, once their mission was over, they would travel, and Leliana would show Solona all she knew.


Title: Love is bliss
Fandom: Dragon Age Inquisition
Pairing: Sera/Dagna
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#064 - bliss
Word count: 100
Summary: They had never been happier.

Sera and Dagna had never been happier than when they were together. Whoever said love was bliss must have felt like they did, because it was as if their world had suddenly exploded in color and joy. Sera hadn’t expected to fall in love so quickly and so completely, but there was no way to keep herself from being taken by Dagna’s sweet personality and passionate focus, and Dagna found in Sera someone to share in the excitements of her new life. They were perfect for each other, and they made each other happy. What else could they wish for?


Title: Too busy
Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: Claire Dearing/Zara
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#065 - time
Word count: 100
Summary: They never had time to go out and meet anyone.

They never had time to go out and meet anyone. They were both occupied women who preferred to focus on their careers, Claire having an island to run, and Zara making sure that Claire had everything she needed to do her job efficiently. It seemed natural that they would find company in each other, even though they tried to strip it of meaning by claiming they were just too busy to go out and meet someone else. In the end, it was just an excuse, just a way to pretend their connection wasn’t what it was, and it didn’t work.


Title: Lay down your head and rest
Fandom: The Good Wife
Pairing: Alicia Florrick/Lucca
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#066 - song (All Those Yesterdays - Pearl Jam)
Word count: 1000
Summary: Alicia had done enough.

Alicia couldn’t stand this anymore. Years, she spent years of her life fighting to rebuild her career, only to have that taken from her time and time again. It was too much, she couldn’t stand that anymore. She went to college because she was in love with the idea of law, but she returned to work because she didn’t have a choice, she had children to support and she was all alone. After all these years, she would have hoped that things wouldn’t be like this anymore, that she would at least enjoy some security, but that wasn’t the case. She was still struggling to get by, trying to build a client base, working under inadequate circumstances. At some point, wine had stopped being a comfort and came a necessity, and she didn’t want to think about what that meant.

It was all too much, and she was falling apart.

Lucca was the only one who saw that, the one person to be by her side when she was weak and vulnerable and crying because she didn’t know what to do. Lucca held her tight and promised to love her, promised to be everything Alicia needed. Lucca saw the ugliest part of her, the part that Alicia did her best to keep hidden from her friends, her family, her colleagues, and she wasn’t scared by it, she didn’t move away.

Instead, Lucca offered her the support she needed, holding her for what felt like hours, until Alicia didn’t feel anymore like her world was spinning out of control.

“I’m here for you,” she would say, over and over. “It’s ok, you can let go now, you have done enough, you are enough, you can rest now.” A litany of comfort words, spoken by someone who didn’t know how to comfort another person, who never had this experience, but who was willing to try, because Alicia needed her, Alicia needed this.

It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t what Alicia thought love should be when she first met Will, or when she decided to marry Peter, or even when she started her affair with Will and was almost willing to let go of everything just to be with him. But this wasn’t what she thought her life would be like at this age. Over the years, she was surprised many times in discovering that what she wanted, what she needed, wasn’t what she thought she wanted, and after so many surprises, she was too tired to question this one.

For once, she didn’t care. She didn’t care about what everyone else would think, or about being tried in the court of public opinion, after everything that happened, she wasn’t even vaguely worried that the media might distort this, claim she left her husband because he lost the primaries, or that the entire marriage was a farce. She didn’t care anymore, she had faced too much, worried too much, maintained a public persona for too long, and now it didn’t matter anymore. The only opinion she cared about was her children, but they wouldn’t blame her for this, they knew what she had gone through.

Suddenly, it was as if every bad thing that had happened to her over the years was being washed away. All those yesterdays, filled with pain and stress, had passed, she survived them all and kept fighting, and now they were gone and she was still there. With all she had faced, she knew there was nothing in her future that she couldn’t stand, she would survive any future challenges as she had survived those in the past, and she would face them with her head straight and no hesitation.

She still had enough time, she wasn’t young by any measure, but she still had enough time. Diane, her mentor, her friend, her rival, had dedicated her life to work and found love when she was older than Alicia was now, and it was hard not to see how happy and in love she was. Time and age weren’t deterrents, she could still have a life.

But that was a problem for tomorrow, all the implications of realizing that Lucca was the one person who was there for her, of knowing now that Lucca would love her even though she was this mess of suppressed feelings and stress and regrets, all of that could wait.

For now, for those moments, that day, that night, all she wanted was to rest. Alicia wanted the world to stop still so she could just lay down her head on the curve of Lucca’s neck and stay there, ignoring everything else. Just for one day, she wanted to stop running from problems or running towards solutions, just stop, stop running and rest.

The last few years were a mixture of frenetically running around trying to keep her life from falling apart and numb memories from when she couldn’t make herself anymore even as she kept going, fueled by alcohol and the sense that she couldn’t just give up because she had people who depended on her, because she couldn’t count on her husband to be a father to their children so she had to do it all alone, but not anymore.

Zack was an adult, off to live his own life, and Grace was almost out the door as well. She did it, she did everything that was asked of her, she even supported Peter through his release from prison and return to politics and it wasn’t her fault that he dreamt too big and his pretensions had him falling so hard to the ground. She did everything that was asked of her, and now all she wanted to do was rest.

Lucca was right, she had done enough, she could stop now, rest and take her bearings. She had enough time for that. She could just stop and be comforted and loved and it was everything that she ever wanted, just not in the way she thought she would have wanted it.


Title: Potential
Fandom: The Librarians
Pairing: Cassandra Cillian/Morgan le Fey
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#067 - school
Word count: 100
Summary: Ironically, she found someone with potential at the school.

Ironically, she found someone with potential at the school, just not one of the students. Then again, finding a librarian with such potential was even more surprising than finding a normal human who was worth anything. Now, it was just a matter of luring her away from her guardian, which couldn’t be that hard, if that guardian so easily chose saving those mortals over defeating her. And one of the many advantages of being immortal was that time was in her favor, if she were patient enough. She could have some fun with Cassandra, teaching her magic, among other things.


Title: Poison
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairing: Josephine Montilyet/Female Adaar
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#068 - poison
Word count: 100
Summary: Herah wore poison on her face.

Herah wore poison on her face when she fought, as was the way of her people, and although she was immune, she had to remember that not everyone else was. Which normally wouldn’t have been a problem, but she had fought against Josephine’s fiancé, and in her excitement over winning and releasing Josephine from her bond, she nearly forgot to keep her distance. She stopped halfway to a kiss, and held Josephine back, making a face. “Sorry,” she said, pointing at the general vicinity of her face. “I have to go take this off, I wouldn’t want to poison you.”


Title: Reversed roles
Fandom: Star Trek Deep Space 9
Pairing: Lenara Khan/Ezri Dax
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#069 - reversal
Word count: 100
Summary: Lenara missed her chance.

This time, their roles were reversed. Lenara hadn’t heard of Jadzia’s passing until months after it happened, and went she did, she went to look for the new Dax as soon as she found a ship, but it was too late, she had missed her chance. Ezri was more cautious than Jadzia had been, even though her lack of training allowed her some leeway. While Jadzia would have given up all her future lives for Lenara, and even her career at Starfleet, Ezri wouldn’t even talk to her. All they could have been, all they could have had, was gone.


Title: Rough edges
Fandom: Jessica Jones
Pairing: Jessica Jones/Claire Temple
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#071 - tender
Word count: 100
Summary: Jessica pretended to be all rough edges and thick skin.

Jessica pretended to be all rough edges and thick skin, but that was just a façade, and one that Claire saw through from the first time they met. It would be easy to dismiss Jessica as being distant and invulnerable, her powers and acidic personality would seem to indicate that, but she could be tender and caring. It took months for Claire to get her to open up, and Claire’s patience was wearing thin, but it was finally worth it. Claire always suspected that the person hiding behind those excuses and mistakes was better than Jessica herself seemed to believe.


Title: Erased
Fandom: Babylon 5
Pairing: Talia/Susan
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#072 - forget
Word count: 100
Summary: Everything Talia was, was gone.

She didn’t understand how that could even be possible. Everything that Talia was, was gone forever. The new person who took her place didn’t forget, and that was perhaps the most painful part of all, that there was some stranger out there, with the memory of what Susan and Talia shared. It would almost be better if she had forgotten everything, even though that would mean that the last trace of Talia would disappear. At any rate, it wasn’t her choice, she lost Talia, and there was nothing to be done about that, but try to forget and move on.


Title: The city and the leader
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Elizabeth Weir/Female Atlantis AI (OC)
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#073 - city
Word count: 1000
Summary: Atlantis watched without interfering, until she could resist saving Elizabeth.

She saw everything that happened, but she couldn’t interfere, she didn’t have the power to do so, or the capability, even if she weren’t operating at minimum power. It was hard, knowing everything that happened inside her walls, but being powerless to help those she cared about, and she did care about them, the new ones. After so long alone, it was good to have people living there again, taking care of her, and allowing her to take care of them. It was how things were supposed to be, even if no one amongst them seemed capable of properly communicating with her.

She loved all of her citizens, especially those who could connect with her, even if only in a superficial way. Still, of all of them, she took interest in their leader. She saw rare qualities in her, and knew that she would be safe as long as that woman was there to protect her. Which was why she was devastated when the brightest of her citizens and the one who fixed her when she was broken came back without the leader.

She was hurt, then. Too broken to do anything to help them, weak and depleted. She could barely keep herself awake, the artificial intelligence program was efficient in its power consumption, enough so that none of her new citizens ever tried to shut it down to reduce consumption, even though she suspected they didn’t know she was there. The scientists would likely be disappointed with themselves, if they one day managed to find her, but there wasn’t any way for her to make herself known, so that wasn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

She missed the leader. She knew everything her citizens knew, for they loved their computing machines, and when they first connected their machines to her system, she became able to access them, even remotely. She knew the leader had died bravely, given her life so they could return with a power cell to wake up her systems, that were beginning to go dormant by the time they returned. The leader gave herself to the failed children of the founders, and she wished more than one power cell had been returned to her, because then she would be able to contact the other one, the sister she didn’t know she had, and try to find a way to retrieve something of the leader. But with just one power cell, it was impossible. There was nothing she could do, not even lift flight again, after being landed roughly on a new planet.

Once again, she had to just watch as things happened, unable to do anything to help.


She was the one who caught the signal, but she couldn’t respond. She didn’t have the protocols to answer to a signal of unknown origin, and she didn’t know how to create that protocol fast enough, so she connected the leader to the rest of the citizens, in hopes that they could help. Even then, she didn’t know it was her, they never knew it was her when she did what little she could. Not even the leader realized what she was doing to help, the leader didn’t suspect why it was so easy to bypass all security and create a new body for herself. As always, her contributions were overlooked by all, even though the leader passed through her system, almost close enough to touch her, metaphorically of course. It was a shame that she had to move so fast, to protect the leader from her citizens, because she would have liked to talk to the leader, after so many years of silence. It didn’t matter, keeping the leader safe was the most important thing, that was what she had to do. She always cared about protecting her citizens more than she cared about herself.

But then, the leader sacrificed herself again, this time to take the failed children away from her, so she and the citizens could be safe again, and she couldn’t allow that to happen. She cared about the leader, more than her program should allow, and the leader saved her so many times, even at great personal risk, without even knowing she was there. She knew the leader and the citizen only saw her as a city, that they couldn’t talk to her, but she still cared for them, enough to break the rules.

The leader was like her now, except with a smaller and more movable body, but they were both similar artificial intelligences. Similar enough that the leader’s program could be stored with her, if needed be. To store another conscience as sophisticated as her own, or at least close to it, for an extended period of time would require more space than she had available, but the database had more than enough redundancies she could get rid of. Saving the leader was more important than the information in the database anyway.

She thought about everything and executed her plan between the moment the leader stepped through the stargate and the connection was disengaged. She was never made of flesh, but she was modeled after the people who created her, and she knew how slow their thoughts were when compared to hers, and on that day she was grateful for her rapid thinking.

She remembered the leader’s signal, and located it amongst all the failed children, and then sent her a virus of sorts, forcing the upload of the leader’s entire conscience back to her. It was a crude method, but her program had safeguards in place to reduce power consumption in extreme cases, and that limited her options.

She didn’t know what her next step should be, but the leader’s conscience was within her, safe at last, even if it would take her weeks to fully integrate a new conscience to her systems. The leader was safe, and at least this once, she managed to do something, she could save the one she cared about, instead of watching without action.


Title: They could be happy
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Pairing: Leliana/Female Surana
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#074 - happily/unhappily ever after
Word count: 1000
Summary: They could be happy, but they wouldn’t be.

They could be happy.

There was an end in sight, something so rare in wars, and even more so in a blight. How many of her predecessors had an opportunity such as this? They could end this, saving countless lives in the process, and walk away from everything.

They could be happy, walk away together in the sunset, like the sort of thing that only happened in stories.

She and Leliana could find a nice, quiet village to live in. And they would get bored within a month, and go out looking for adventures, because that was just the kind of people they were. Neither was truly made for a peaceful life, but having the alternative to live like this was surely a temptation. After all, they could still keep a nice little cottage as a refuge, a place to go back to in between the many adventures they would sure have.

They could be happy, together, for the rest of their lives.

And they wouldn’t be.

Neria tried, she really tried to make a different choice. There were alternatives, after all, the one thing she couldn’t claim was that she had no choice, and yet… she didn’t have a choice. Not really. Not one she could make.

She wasn’t very used to the idea of freewill, during most of her life having a choice meant deciding which book to pick up in what little free time she had. The first time she actually had a say in something was when she rejected that demon’s suggestion, which even then wasn’t much of a choice, since she would have been quickly destroyed if she had chosen differently.

Then there was the whole situation with Jowan, that proved she wasn’t good at making choices. She would have betted her life on Jowan’s innocence, and in a way, she did, only to find out she was wrong. If she had told on him, none of this would have happened, and she would never have been forced to become a Grey Warden, and then she would have died in the Circle, either when the disaster happened, or one day far in the future, and either way, it didn’t make a difference.

She still wasn’t exactly sure what to think of what had happened in the Circle. When she first left, it was as if she was finally free, but now she wondered if she had simply traded a cage for a leash. It was still a good trade, she got to travel and see the world and make a difference, but there was no denying that she was trapped, by her blood of all things, and that she was being used as a tool just as she would have been once her training in the Circle was over.

And then Warden Duncan died and Alistair proved to be all too willing to take someone else’s lead, and suddenly she had to make all the decisions, knowing that there were lives in the balance, but not knowing what was the right thing to do.

Sometimes, she made mistakes. And sometimes, she got to correct them in time. Learning how to think for herself, and for others, was a work in process, and a skill she would probably not have the time to develop properly.

She hadn’t told Leliana yet. Who could she? Leliana was the best choice she ever made. After everything she had been through in the hands of humans, things she could barely remember from before the Circle, and the Templar’s attitudes, even her own fellow mages when human, she never thought she could love a human, especially one who wasn’t a mage. It was a simple matter of self-preservation, more often than not they saw her as a monster, or less than them somehow, so she kept her distance, only ever connecting with a couple human mages while in the Circle.

But Leliana was different. Leliana didn’t fear her, or thought of her as someone inferior. Leliana never made her feel like she was less than anyone else, or that she had something to prove. With Leliana, she could just be.

It was the happiest she had ever been, despite the blight and the responsibility and the very real possibility that not all of them might survive this. She had friends, she had a girlfriend who made her feel loved and cared for, and she even had a dog who was better than most people she knew. Everything was turning to chaos and people were dying, but she was happier than she had been when in the relative safety of the Circle.

She was happy and Leliana was happy and they could be happy, after all of this was over, but they wouldn’t be.

Morrigan explained to her what the alternatives were, when it came to stopping the Archdemon. A Grey Warden had to kill it, and then either die, or have the spirit pass on to a child by performing a dark ritual. Which meant she had to choose between dying, sending Alistair to his death, or convincing him and Morrigan to sleep together when neither of them desired that, and then forcing a child to live with a power they couldn’t even begin to understand. It wasn’t much of a choice, when it came to it.

Neria was many things, but she wasn’t a coward, and she couldn’t send someone else to die in her place. Alistair would do it, if she asked, she was sure of it, the same way she was sure he would sleep with Morrigan if Neria was the one asking. But it wasn’t fair to ask either of those things of him, so there was really only one choice left.

Neria would have to die. Saving countless lives, but leaving Leliana alone. It wasn’t fair either, but it was the lesser evil. She never really thought she would get a happy ending for all of this anyway.

They could be happy, but they wouldn’t be.


Title: Doctor Magnus, Doctor Fraiser
Fandom: Sanctuary/Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Helen Magnus/Janet Fraiser
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#075 - crossover
Word count: 1000
Summary: Helen asks for Janet’s help.

“I’m glad you came,” Helen said, welcoming Janet to the room. “I’ve never seen any abnormal like this here, so perhaps she’s from your universe. She has very distinct eyes, extremely sensible to light,” she said, explaining the barely lit room.

Janet approached the bed, and opened one of the patient’s eyes, recognizing the yellow pattern. “Yes, I’ve encountered this species before. We helped relocate them to a new planet a few years back. They need a very specific environment to protect their eyes, they are prone to blindness. Where did you find her?”

“Here, actually. With no indication of her entering the Sanctuary, which was what first made me think of you. We still don’t know how the connection between the universes work, but her appearance here was similar to yours.”

Janet nodded. “This only complicates the issue. Her planet was very distant from Earth, and I can’t think of a single reason why she would have been transported to Earth on that side, or why she would appear on Earth on this side for that matter.”

At times like this, she could really use Sam’s help. It wasn’t the only reason why she missed Sam, but she liked to think that Sam would probably be able to solve this mystery in a matter of weeks, if she were there. And Helen, Helen was a constant reminder of Sam. They looked strangely alike, even though the similarities ended there, to the point that Janet wondered if Helen wasn’t an ancestor of Sam in the other universe, one without vampire blood to have turned Helen.

“Unfortunately, this goes beyond my field of expertise.”

“Did she regain conscience since appearing here?” Janet asked, going over the vital signs. It didn’t make much sense for her to dwell on someone she lost years ago, especially when she lost not only one person, but her entire universe. She knew better than to expect to be over that lost by now, so she would concentrate on her job, keep her mind occupied.

“No, if she reacts to the transport like you did, we should expect at least a few more days of stable condition before she wakes up.”

“I’m still worried about her condition, her species is very different from humans, we can’t know if she’ll react the same way. And I would like to examine her eyes, make sure they weren’t damaged in the transport. Do you have any equipment that utilizes low light?”

“No, but I believe I have one that can be modified for that purpose. I’ll ask Henry to do the necessary modifications, but I doubt it will be done by tonight.”

“I should probably stay anyway, until she wakes up. Then perhaps we can ask her if she remembers anything.”

Janet knew she would never be able to go back to her universe. She lost hope around her second year there, the first time she saw Nikola Tesla - the Nikola Tesla, Sam would be so envious that she got to meet him, even though Sam would have probably lost her patience with him within seconds of meeting him, he was as infuriating as he was brilliant - find a brilliant solution to a problem that seemed unsolvable. That was when she realized that, even if they one day found out why she had been transported there after supposedly dying in her universe, odds were against them ever being able to find a way to return her home. Even Sam would probably just find a way to explain what had happened and stop it from happening again, not return Janet to where she belonged.

“This is a good thing, another data point. We now know more about what happened to you because of it. Perhaps after we’ve talked to her, we could call Nikola again, he never got over the fact he couldn’t explain what happened to you, I’m sure it’s been eating at him.”

Janet laughed. “I’m sure it is. I’ve worked with the best collection of genius that my world had to offer, so I know his type.”

“Nikola would hate the comparison, you should tell him that next time you see him, maybe it will make him work better.”

“There’s nothing more we can do for her before we can examine her eyes or she wakes up, aside from monitoring her condition.”

Helen nodded. “It’s getting late. Could I interest you in some dinner? Since you’ll have to stay anyway.”

It wasn’t the first time Helen asked, although there was never any pressure to it. Dinner could be dinner, or it could be something else, but either way it was an open invitation, no hurt feelings if she didn’t want to accept. It was a bit of a ritual between them, established over the course of the three years since Janet first appeared there. Helen would give her an opening, Janet wouldn’t take it, but would make sure to let Helen know the invitation wasn’t unwelcome, just that Janet wasn’t ready for this yet.

It had all been too much for her, losing her entire world, her daughter, her job, her friends, her, whatever the hell Sam was to her, they never had the opportunity to define what existed between them. The first year was the hardest, because she still hoped she would return home, so she didn’t make an effort to integrate to that world. After a while, she started to make a life for herself there, her medical expertise gained from contact with alien species translating with only mild difficulty to this new field. Now, after what it seemed like the blink of an eye, she had a life there. A home, a clinic, friends. Her reasons for refusing Helen’s invitation in the past had disappeared, and if at first she could only see Sam in Helen, now she knew Helen as her own person. As such, there was no reason why she should refuse the invitation this time.

“A dinner would be lovely, thank you.”


Title: I don’t like this game
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam Carter/Vala
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#076 - candy
Word count: 100
Summary: Vala and Pokémon Go.
Note: Canon timeline? What is canon timeline? In all seriousness, modern AU for obvious reasons.

“I don’t understand why this candy is supposed to change these little creatures.”

Sam sighed, turning to face Vala. “It’s just a game, they had to limit your ability to evolve pokémon since they don’t have levels by experience like in the other games.”

“But you also need those candy to make the monsters stronger? And this pink glitter?”

“How do you know what glitter is but can’t call it stardust? But yes, you need them both.”

“And you only get three of those for every monster you catch?”


Vala tossed the phone away. “I don’t like this game.”


Title: Gone
Fandom: Gotham
Pairing: Leslie Thompkins/Kristen Kringle
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#077 - gravity
Warning: Canon Character Death
Word count: 100
Summary: Kristen was gone.

Lee still couldn’t believe that Kristen was gone, just like that, her body so crudely disposed of. She saw the body, she had to see the body, she owed that to Kristen, but she didn’t expect the way that made her feel. Lee felt as if gravity itself had suddenly increased, and the world was pulling her down, crushing her. In the time since Kristen’s disappearance, Lee had grown to realize the nature of her feelings for her, that were left unexplored, and now there would be no opportunity for that. Nygma robbed her of that, robbed her of Kristen.


Title: Hotel room key
Fandom: The Fall
Pairing: Stella Gibson/Reed Smith
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#078 - key
Word count: 100
Summary: Stella left her with a hotel key.

Stella left her with a hotel key, even though Reed chose not to follow her that night. It was an open invitation, with no strings attached, no weight, that could mean anything or nothing. For days that felt like years, Reed did nothing both hold on to the key, telling herself that it was inconsequential, that she would never use it. And yet, there she was, riding the elevator to Stella’s hotel room. Maybe this was a mistake, maybe she would regret this choice, but now she was sure she would regret even more if she didn’t take this chance.


Title: Rain
Fandom: Black Mirror
Pairing: Kelly/Yorkie
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#079 - wet
Word count: 100
Summary: Yorkie loved the rain.

Yorkie was surprised by how much she missed the rain. The cold droplets hitting her from head to toes, wetting her hair, her skin, her clothes, such a simple sensation, that she missed so dearly. Whenever it rained, she should run outside, dancing and laughing, often dragging Kelly along with her, kissing her sloppily, unable to stop smiling. Then, when it was over, they would get the entire house wet, not caring where they stepped with their muddy shoes or dropped their wet clothes, those were problems for the future. It was all part of the magic of the rain.
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