Mar. 12th, 2017

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Title: The baby is late
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Pairing: Cheedo the Fragile/The Dag
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#021 - late
Word count: 1000
Summary: The Dag fears for the future of her child

The baby was late, already three days past due, the others informed her far too often, but she didn’t want to think about it. When they were still captives, her body a battleground and the thing growing inside her the evidence of an invasion, she did what she could do ignore all the signs, pretend this wasn’t happening. She always had an easier time than most when it came to living outside her body, or perhaps inside her head.

Then, they were free, and she couldn’t stand the idea that through her a piece of that monster still existed. She thought about ending it many times during the months. As a tribute to the Keeper of Seeds, she had brought her collection back to live, and had learnt a great deal about all the plants she cared for. Terminating a pregnancy would be easy. Not pleasant, but amongst the many treatments that she was learning could be made using her plants, very few didn’t come with unpleasant side effects. The same medicine that saved lives could cause pain, sleepless nights, nausea, fever… that meant something to her, on a metaphysical level, the way reality was defined by symbolism and the way one would attribute value to interpretations, but it was far too complex for her to place in words, it was the kind of thought that could only exist inside her head.

Her decision was made by inaction, rather than action. She always had the option to end this pregnancy, to chose not to bring Joe’s child into the world. There was no right decision, so there was no wrong one. The thing growing inside of her wasn’t yet a person, and there would be no fault in ending that existence before it was truly a life. However, the same way she grew attached to her plants, growing from tiny seeds until they had taken the Citadel and gave it a new life, she grew attached to the seed that grew inside her.

As was said to her before, there was hope for that would be life. Perhaps the child would be her daughter, and not Joe’s son, or perhaps even a son could be taught the right way now that that monster was torn apart and roughly disposed, not even awarded a decent burial, and the final indignity to pay for his violations. A potential existed there, like the potential of the seeds she couldn’t identify, couldn’t find in any of their many books, and potential brought forward curiosity.

“Furiosa says it will be a girl,” came a voice from behind her, timid and low, but without the fear that marked it in the past.

“How can she know?” The Dag asked, keeping her eyes to the horizon.

Cheedo came sit by her side. “She see many children come into this world, before she was taken and after. She says she can tell just by looking at your belly.” Her voice was filled with awe, she never lost the fascination with the abilities of her new family, now that they were allowed to flourish.

“Then she better stay in here, the world isn’t a kind place for a woman.”

Cheedo placed a hand over The Dag’s belly, her movement slow and careful, as if she was waiting for The Dag to tell her to stop. “She’ll be strong like her mother, she won’t be afraid.”

“But I am afraid,” she confessed. Of what, she didn’t know, didn’t even want to think about.

“I was afraid before, and you helped me. You protected when I didn’t yet know how to protect myself, didn’t even know what hurt me. Let me help you now, in any way I can.”

“Would you stay with me? I don’t want to face this child alone.”

Cheedo nodded, smiling. “Of course I will. Should I call Furiosa? Or perhaps one of the other Mothers? I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“It will be a few hours before any medicine can take effect, but you can call them.” This child seemed to be in need of some help, as it was more common for babies to be born before term than days after, and anything she could make to induce labor would need time to take effect, and was sure to be unpleasant, but her life would be at risk if she didn’t give birth soon.

“I’ll be back soon, to wait with you.”

The Dag nodded, acknowledging but didn’t reply further. Her mind was now far way, detached from what she was doing. By the end of the night, the potential would turn into reality, eliminating all other possibilities. She wasn’t ready for this, not yet, but there wasn’t much of a choice. The time had passed without worrying itself with asking permission, and she had no other option than to face the results.

Whatever happened, she wouldn’t be alone. She was one of the Many Mothers too, they had been eager to adopt a new generation, to pass on their knowledge and their ways to the young women, after fearing for so long that their culture with die when the last of them passed. They had been without children for a very long time, and now they would have the chance to raise one again. The Dag’s child would be the first born to their group in nearly two decades, and it was a symbol of hope for them, as much as their new home and the growing plants had been. The Dag would never have to face motherhood alone, they were all a family, and the child of one was the child of all.

Joe had hoped for an heir, and didn’t care about anyone else’s wishes, and now it didn’t matter what he wanted, it only matter what she wanted, The Dag had all the power now, over her body and the future of her offspring. And her child would be free, her child would be loved, her child would be kind.


Title: 5 pranks Sera pulled
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairing: Sera/Cassandra Pentaghast
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#022 - five things
Word count: 1000
Summary: Sera was just trying to make Cassandra laugh.


Cassandra was too serious for her own good. With her, everything had to be so serious and stoic, it was as if she was trying to pretend she wasn’t able to even smile. Sera knew a lot of different people, who reacted to live in different ways, and some people could be serious just because that’s how they were, but most people just pretended to be serious because they thought that was how they were supposed to be. And Cassandra was definitively on the second group. She couldn’t even admit she liked to read those sugary books that Sera couldn’t stand, always romance this, romance that, drama and duty, and then people dying so it would be sad.

Cassandra had to learn to let go a little bit, to laugh at herself, or at least to crack a smile. And Sera was just the right person to teach her that. Well, maybe. Or maybe she was the worst possible person, it was hard to tell. Whichever meant she had got a nug to piss on Cassandra’s shoes, because now every single nug in a three mile radius was rubbing itself on her legs, and it was the most hilarious thing in the world. Or at least Sera thought it was, and Bull seemed to agree with her. The Inquisitor was trying not to laugh, and Cassandra was pissed off. So many it wasn’t an entirely successful prank.


Sera was determined to make Cassandra laugh, there had to be something she could do to break Cassandra’s seriousness, even if it were only for a little while. Cassandra couldn’t pretend all the time that she was this sober person who was never affected by anything around her and who was always collected and always knew what to do, especially because they, at least the Inquisitor’s closest friends, knew it wasn’t quite true. She could be soft and vulnerable and anxious, and that wasn’t a bad thing. She reminded Sera of the other nobles she met, so convinced that they had to stay on their pedestal above everything, but at the same time, she didn’t actually think she was better than the rest of them. Most of the times.

Actually, a pedestal wasn’t the worst idea. Sera managed to grab a rock just big enough to be used as a pedestal, and that had a hole in it, and then she placed Cassandra’s sword in it, somewhat scratching the sword in the process, and in turn placed the poorly made pedestal in the middle of the quad, so she was sure Cassandra would see it.

Unfortunately, Cassandra didn’t react as well as she had hoped, but Bull promised he would come warn her when it was safe to stop hiding.


Alright, Sera’s first couple of plans didn’t go too well, but she was still determined to make this work. She would make Cassandra laugh if it were the last thing she did! Now, surely they could have a good laugh about a bucket of water falling on Cassandra’s head, right?


Maybe the water had been a bad idea, but something had to work. Maybe she could make some cookies with crude words written on them. There was no way that could backfire.


The funny thing was, Sera wasn’t even trying to make Cassandra laugh when it happened. By then, she was beginning to suspect Cassandra simply incapable of laughing both at herself, and at funny things in general, judging by how embarrassed she was by the cookies. No, this time, Sera was just pulling a prank for the sake of pulling a prank, because it was funny, it helped with morale, and because the Inquisitor asked her, since Varric was feeling a bit down, and he was very much the kind of person who could laugh at himself.

So, Varric was covered in feathers, actually laughing after the initial shock wore off, and the prank was a success. In fact, everyone was laughing. Everyone, including Cassandra, laughing discretely in a corner, and then turning away from the commotion as she was afraid to be seen laughing like that. So of course Sera followed her.

“I’ve been trying to make you laugh for months and that’s all it took?” Sera asked, a bit offended. She had used some damn good material on Cassandra.

“Sera? What are you talking about? I have been a victim of several of your pranks!”

“Exactly! Didn’t you see how Varric was laughing once he realized what was going on? That’s because pranks are fun, they make people happy.”

Cassandra frowned. “You were trying to make me happy? By tossing a bucket of water on me and nearly ruining my sword?”

Sera rolled her eyes. “You’re too serious, you can’t always be all serious, I was trying to make you relax!”

“Why do you even care?” Now Cassandra was anything but happy, she hated the idea of falling to an elaborate ploy, and if Sera was the one planning it, it couldn’t be good.

Sera averted her eyes, embarrassed. “I don’t care! I was just trying to take that stick off your butt!”

Cassandra became even angrier, crossing her arms in front of her body. “I take our mission seriously, unlike some people who are always fooling around and pulling pranks, that’s not a defect.”

“At least I don’t always look like I’m suffering and run away so people won’t see I look cute laughing,” Sera said, and then put her tongue out. She didn’t even realize what she had said.

But Cassandra did. “What did you say?” she asked, blushing slightly. People didn’t call her ‘cute’.

“I… nothing! I said you looked rude! Bye!” Sera ran away before Cassandra could say another word. Flirting with tall, muscular girls was only fun when she actually realized that was what she was doing.

Cassandra just stared at Sera as she ran away, looking more confused than she had ever been. Sera always managed to stun her.


Title: Broken Mirror
Fandom: Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Pairing: unrequited Mirror Kira Nerys/Kira Nerys
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#023 - mirror
Word count: 100
Summary: It was like seeing herself in a broken mirror.

It was like seeing herself in a broken mirror, except she was the distorted image, not the other Nerys. No, that one could have been a terrorist, a murderer, done horrible things that made the Intendant tingle just to think about, but she was still so good it was nauseating. That Nerys wouldn’t love her, she wouldn’t even give her that. The Intendant was such a distorted image that not even another version of herself could love her, and for that she loved and hated that Nerys in equal measures, and she would consume her until there was nothing left.


Title: Kiss
Fandom: The Librarians
Pairing: Cassandra Cillian/Estrella
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#024 - kiss
Word count: 100
Summary: For the first time, she realized she could have this.

For the first time in her adult life, she didn’t have a bomb ticking far too fast inside her brain. She had her whole life ahead of her now, that was a foreign concept she couldn’t wait to explore. And when Estrella kissed her, she realized she could have this, she could have love and romance without worrying about the day she decided she was going to die. Cassandra couldn’t stay with her, she had so much to do with her bargained time, but that kiss, that sweet and delicate kiss, full of promise, almost made her wish she could.


Title: Sins
Fandom: Jessica Jones
Pairing: Jeri Hogarth/Wendy Ross-Hogarth
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#025 - the seven deadly sins
Word count: 1000
Summary: Jeri was far from being a good person.


She wanted everything, and she would get it. From the start, despite Wendy’s romantic notions that she kept applying to her, Jeri wanted to get into law so she could make more money than she would be able to spend in ten lifetimes. She would make a fortune, so that everyone who so much as looked at her would know how successful she was. Wendy believed in all those things about justice and helping people, but then again, Wendy also believed medicine was about saving people’s lives so what did she know? Jeri wanted to be the perfect stereotype of a lawyer: heartless, soulless, and filthy rich. And she wouldn’t allow anything to get in the way of her plan, even if that meant occasionally breaking the law. The law simply didn’t apply to people like her.


Whenever she could, she would make other people do her work for her. It was the ultimate power trip, without actually having to do anything, like working was something that was beneath her, and by extension, anyone who needed to work for a living was beneath her. Of course, she would still put in the hours, and argue important cases, but as a partner she had the benefit of being paid for other people’s work, and she would exploit that at any given opportunity. She wouldn’t say it was unfair, she too had been in the position to work long hours for little pay and have someone else swup in a take all the credit, in the past, she had simply risen above that by virtue of being so good at what she did. And so, exploiting others was only natural, and she would never feel bad about it.


She would only go to the fanciest restaurants, spending hundreds of dollars for a single meal. At one point, Wendy thought that was her way of being romantic, making every dinner special, but in time she grew tired of it, and learnt to see it for what it was, just another way for her to show dominance, prove that she was better than anyone else. With Jeri, everything was about being the best, and not letting anyone forget that. She could do things like plan a trip to Paris, manage to get a reservation to an exclusive and expensive restaurant, and then not even pay attention to the food, or to Wendy. It wasn’t about the food, and it wasn’t about the company, it was about collecting as many symbols of status as she could, regardless of what they were and what they meant to her. And Wendy was getting tired of that.


Having success wasn’t enough, she wanted to be better than any of her colleagues, have more than any of them. It was more about having more than everyone else than it was about having anything for herself. She wanted to be better, and to be better, she needed to have others to compare herself to. Everything she could achieve was pointless unless she could surround herself with other people who thought they were also successful, but were less so than her. Everything she was existed in relation to other people. And so, she couldn’t stand for someone to have something she didn’t. It was envy, but more than just that, it was an attack to her very existence, and she wouldn’t allow that. What others had that she didn’t, she would either take for herself or make them lose it.


Successful lawyers had affairs. It was one aspect of her male partners that she had never emulated, not yet anyway. It was another marker of success, having a loving wife waiting at home, and still risking that relationship because of some hot young thing. She wanted an exciting affair, and maybe even trade in her wife for a newer model. Wasn’t that what success was made of? It was just one more item in the list of things other people had and she didn’t, so she would cross that item too. It wasn’t even about the sex, although that was certainly great. It was about having everything, no exceptions, being the best. She wanted to have it all, and she would, nothing would stop her. Even if that meant breaking her wife’s heart.


She was angry. Furious. How dared Wendy try to ruin her life like this, hurt her like this? Jeri had more than repaid Wendy for everything that she did for her, and then some. She gave Wendy a life of luxury she would never have had otherwise, so obsessed as she was with her charity work, trying to convince herself that she was a good person. Jeri allowed for all that, and this was how Wendy repaid her, by betraying her. This was far worse than Jeri’s affair or wanting a divorce. Wendy was threatening her career, and her career was everything that she was. She would find a way to drop Wendy from her high horse. And she would make sure the fall hurt.


Everything would work out, everything had to work out, because this was her making the plans. Jeri was brilliant, and she could always get what she wanted, this would be no exception, regardless of what she had to do to make Wendy sign the divorce papers. She tried Jessica, and that failed, of course that failed, she had never met someone so unreliable as Jessica, who was lucky she was so good at her job when she actually bothered to do it, or else Jeri wouldn’t have kept working with her. And then, a perfect solution presented itself to her. Of course, using Kilgrave’s powers to compel Wendy to finally sign the divorce was dangerous, not to mention objectively wrong, but none of that mattered. She had to have what she wanted, her whole identity depended on that, and she wouldn’t allow everything she believed she was to be challenged by Wendy, no matter the cost.


Title: Virtues
Fandom: Jessica Jones
Pairing: Jeri Hogarth/Pam
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#026 - the seven virtues
Word count: 1000
Summary: Pam thought of herself as a good person


She was a good person. Pam always thought of herself as a good and kind person. She always tipped her waiters, even if the service was bad. She gave good morning to her neighbours when she saw them, which was more than it could be said about most new yorkers. She even gave a Christmas present to her doorman every year, that’s how nice she was. She was a good and kind person who always did everything right and treated others well, it was part of her identity. And maybe that wasn’t perfectly accurate, but it was what she chose to believe, so she would just discard all evidence to the contrary. She believed she was good, and acted as much as possible to keep that fantasy, and it was enough for her. Act like a good person to be a good person, even if there were some slips along the way.


Pam was a good worker. She never tried to skip on something that she was supposed to do, and she loved to impress the boss. Especially because the boss was the embodiment of everything that she wanted. Rich, successful, strong, dominant, so sure of herself. She fell in love with Jeri immediately, and Pam knew she had to have her. Like with everything in her life, she would work to get Jeri, the same way she always worked to get what she wanted. And she wouldn’t allow anything to get in her way. Of course, Jeri was married, and that was an issue, because Pam was a good person, and good people didn’t break other people’s marriages. But Jeri wouldn’t give her the time of the day if she was happily married, no harm no foul, and if her marriage wasn’t all that good, she would be helping release Jeri from that burden, so either way she was doing anything that bad.


The key was moderation. She couldn’t give away too much too soon, and she couldn’t come on too strong. She had to give Jeri just a taste of what she could get, enough to show that she was interest, but not so much that she couldn’t later pretend that she was just being friendly and that her gestures were misinterpreted by her boss, who had power over her and that’s why Pam didn’t correct her from the start. It was a great plan, one that would allow her to either get what she wanted, or save face if she couldn’t. Moderation was the way to go, going slow and not getting ahead of herself, playing the long game. And well, moderation was a virtue wasn’t it? And she wasn’t nothing if not a good, virtuous person. That was what she always kept telling herself.


She liked to help people when she could, as long as she didn’t have to go too far out of her way to do that. She would even go so far as saying she was a charitable person. After all, didn’t she help Jeri with her pro bono case? There it was, she was helping a girl who killed her parents and didn’t have any money, just because Jeri thought that was the best call. And it wasn’t the first time she ever helped anyone, she had surely helped other people before. She gave money at the church, that was charitable. And she would occasionally volunteer at her church’s soup kitchen, when she didn’t have anything better to do. That always made other people think highly of her, and that was what she liked.


She wasn’t going to have sex with a married woman. Again. At least not now that she knew that Jeri had left her wife for her, and would get divorced, and that they could get married. That had to count for something, didn’t it? She would keep herself under control now, and refuse to continue her sexual relationship until Jeri managed to finalize her divorce. Then, Pam would have everything she wanted, and she wouldn’t be a lowly secretary that nobody paid attention to anymore. Everything was working out perfect, and she couldn’t be happy. Now, if only Wendy would cooperate with the plan and just sign the damn divorce papers, then she could stop feeling like she was second best, the stereotypical secretary that had an affair with her boss. After all, she wasn’t deluding herself into thinking Jeri would leave her wife for her, Jeri had filed for the divorce, Pam did it, she convinced Jeri to end her marriage.


Now all she needed was a bit of patience. She had Jeri hooked, so all she had to do was trust Jeri would make everything right. And if Pam had to work a little to show Jeri how important it was that she did everything that she promised, it still didn’t count as being impatient, she was just being proactive. There was nothing wrong with giving Jeri a little incentive while being patient and waiting for her to do the right thing and divorce Wendy. After all, patience didn’t mean sitting around not doing anything and just waiting for every single solution to fall on her lap. Sometimes you have to work for things while being patient.


She was humble enough to admit when she lost. She played the game, and Jeri was better at it. Jeri crushed her and spit out the pieces. Looking back now, she couldn’t believe what a fool she was, to think that she would ever be able to be happy with Jeri. Jeri was evil and corrupt and tainted and she destroyed everything she touched, and she had destroyed Pam. Pam had killed someone because of Jeri, and at the time she thought she was protecting Jeri, it certainly seemed that way, but no, this was just Jeri’s disgusting plan backfiring. And everything she did to Wendy, she would one day to do Pam if Pam let her. So she wouldn’t let her.


Title: Qunari kink
Fandom: Dragon Age Inquisition
Pairing: Female Adaar/Sera
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#027 - kink
Word count: 100
Summary: Sera had a Qunari kink.

“You so have a Qunari kink,” Herah said amused, interrupting Sera’s story.

“I do not! I just like women who are all tall, strong…”

“Qunari,” she interrupted. “Or well, Vashoth, but physically there really isn’t a difference.”

Sera laughed. “Alright, maybe I do like Qunari women.”

“I knew it, you only like me for my horns.”

Sera turned to her, and pressed a finger to the tip of Herah’s right horn, sliding it across the horn until she reached the base, then circled the sensitive skin around it, knowing how that made Herah feel. “Well, not only for your horns.”


Title: Lifting the mood
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairing: Sera/Female Cadash
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#028 - mood
Word count: 100
Summary: In a single day, she managed to lift Malika’s mood.

It was amazing, but Sera really did it. In a single day, she managed to lift Malika’s mood. Malika was skeptical, at first, but Sera insisted on dragging her along to pull some pranks, and she loved making Sera happy, so she agreed. She should have trusted Sera to be right, her constant joy to live wasn’t born out of an easy life, but of facing hardships and still knowing how to make life fun, which was exactly what Malika needed. Malika was sure that, of all her allies, Sera was the one who had the most to teach her.


Title: City map
Fandom: Ghostbusters (2016)
Pairing: Jillian Holtzmann/Patty Tolan
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#029 - map
Word count: 100
Summary: It was their way of planning dates

One of the many advantages of dating a municipal historian was that Patty knew everything about the city. Holtz favorite way to plan a date was throwing a dart at a city map and daring Patty to find a good place for them to go within three blocks of where it landed, and of course, once they got there, she had to share everything about the history of that place. And Patty would never disappoint Holtz, even though sometimes she had to be a bit… creative when choosing a place. Which was half the fun, it helped keep things interesting.


Title: Balance
Fandom: Star Trek The Original Series
Pairing: Christine Chapel/Nyota Uhura
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#031 - heart
Word count: 100
Summary: Nyota had too much heart.

Nyota had too much heart in her, a kind woman, soft, although not helpless. Christine was a much more practical woman, although not uncaring. There was a balance to be found there, although it wasn’t an easy one, and its path was covered in pain. Christine would sometimes worry if she wasn’t too cold with her patients and her friends, and Nyota would get sometimes get hurt from wearing her heart on her sleeve. Somewhere around the middle rested the ideal dosage of passion and practicality, and if they couldn’t find it for themselves, then they would balance each other.


Title: Panic attack
Fandom: One Day at a Time
Pairing: Penelope/Jill
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#032 - hurt/comfort
Word count: 100
Summary: Penelope has a panic attack, Jill is there to help.

It was the worst attack Penelope had in months, and just when she thought she was finally getting better. Everything was too bright and too loud and she couldn’t even think. She heard Jill’s voice, trying to be soothing, but she couldn’t even hear what the other was saying, and then she was being moved, away from the lights and the noises and everything. Jill understood what that was like, she had been there many times before, and she knew how to help Penelope find her way back. Little by little, the panic subsided, crisis averted, at least for now.


Title: Queen and King
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Pairing: Female Cousland/Leliana
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#033 - queen
Word count: 1000
Summary: Elissa actually believed they could make a difference, that was what her arrangement with Alistar was all about.

Elissa actually believed they could make a difference, that was what her arrangement with Alistar was all about. She never wanted power for the sake of power, she wasn’t like her mother, who only cared about increasing the status of the family, and she had never even dreamt of being Queen before Alistair’s proposal. Of course, she hadn’t known about Alistair’s feelings then, or she would have rejected him, but he didn’t frame it quite like a marriage proposal, more like a chance to continue working together to help people. She knew Alistair didn’t want to be King and had no experience in leadership, so it made sense that, if he had to take a noble wife, he would choose someone he knew, someone he could trust. They were friends, and that was it, or so she thought.

She fell in love with Leliana so early on that she couldn’t even remember when Leliana stopped being just an ally. Elissa’s mother wouldn’t approve, she would never allow her daughter to marry someone who wasn’t a noble of a higher or equal house to her own. Not that Elissa cared about that, she had given up on meeting her mother’s expectations a long time ago. She loved Leliana, that was all that mattered, and she wanted to be with her.

Leliana agreed with the plan to make Elissa Queen, although with a bit of hesitation. She suspected that Alistair’s feelings for Elissa weren’t what they seemed. But the plan was still good, they could do a lot for the people as King and Queen, and Leliana would be right there with her every step of the way, so it seemed that everything would be fine.

Elissa honestly believed that Leliana would one day get to Divine, albeit one day in the distant future, and she thought the three of them could make so much good still, that their journey wasn’t over yet. The Hero of Ferelden, the love of her life, and her best friend, just not in the configuration that everyone seemed to expect. She was naïve to the point of thinking that everything would be fine now, and that they could all work together, that was the kind of person she was.

They should have suspected this wouldn’t work from the moment Morrigan suggested the dark ritual. That was when her relationship with Alistair took a bad turn. Perhaps before that he thought there was still a chance of them one day being together, or perhaps being asked to sleep with a woman he hated and have a child with her, only to condemn that child to have a cursed soul, was too much for his loyalties.

But he still asked Elissa to marry him and be his Queen, even though he knew she and Leliana planned to keep traveling together, and he appealed to her sense of duty, convincing her that this was how she would be able to make the most good.

They could have been good for Ferelden, they could have made a difference. It wasn’t the same as saving countless lives during the blight, but it had the same potential to help people. That was all Elissa ever wanted, to help people, to be better than her parents. But they ended up fighting for so long they couldn’t actually do anything.

Leliana spent every night in the castle with her. It wasn’t the plan, at first. Leliana didn’t want to live there, but Elissa needed her there, especially because her arrangement with Alistair wasn’t working like she hopped. But Leliana’s presence there only made Alistair angrier at Elissa. He wanted something of her she couldn’t give him, and, since she believed the best of people, she truly believed that Alistair didn’t resent her on purpose, that he just couldn’t control his feelings, and that they could work through things and remain friends. She was wrong. He wasn’t a bad person, but he wasn’t a good King either, and that, allied with marrying a woman he loved knowing that she would never love him back, was simply too much for him.

They could have accomplished so much, truly changed things for the better for the people of Ferelden, but all they ever did was fight, to the point that Alistair would fight her on policies that would be positive just because it was her suggesting them.

One day she realized that this was never going to work, and that she was doing more harm than good as Queen of Ferelden. This wasn’t what she hoped to do, and it seemed pointless to subject all three of them to such misery if that wasn’t going to help anyone.

It was the middle of the night when she and Leliana left, she thought it would be easier on Alistair like this, he was still her friend, after all, and she cared about him. She left him a note explaining everything, even though she knew it wouldn’t be enough, nothing she could say would ever be enough, but it was all she could offer.

Elissa wasn’t like her mother. She didn’t want power for power’s sake, and she most definitively wasn’t willing to be trapped in a loveless marriage like so many women in her family. For her, it was easy to walk away from the crow, to walk away from everything. She had Leliana with her, and that was all that mattered.

The two of them could still make some good, just of a more localized kind, and not as generalized as it could be if she was changing policy and law as Queen. And now that she was no longer trapped in the castle, she could try to find a way to free the warders of the taint, thus saving them all from a premature death in the Deep Roads. It wasn’t the initial plan, but it was still a good one, and at least now she didn’t have to pretend she wasn’t in love with Leliana.


Title: What-ifs
Fandom: Code Black
Pairing: Malaya Pineda/Carla Niven
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#034 - maybe
Word count: 100
Summary: On the good days, Malaya managed not to think about what-ifs.

On the good days, Malaya managed not to think about what-ifs. Maybe if Carla never had cancer, maybe if having a child wasn’t so important to Carla, maybe if Malaya’s priority at that point had been a family, not her career, maybe if Carla hadn’t chosen a baby over her own life, maybe if they had tried a little harder, things could have worked between them. But none of those things happened, and now it was too late for all that could be and wasn’t. On the good days, she didn’t think about that, but not all days were good.


Title: Fairy Tale Princess
Fandom: The Librarians
Pairing: Eve Baird/Cassandra Cillian
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#035 - fantasy
Word count: 100
Summary: Eve was a fairy tale princess, and Cassandra was her prince charming.

Cassandra was turned into prince charming, while Eve became a fairy tale princess, and maybe it was all a coincidence, but maybe it wasn’t. Cassandra was charming, of course, and brave and daring when she had to be, and many of the women she came in contact with were smitten, even before the book’s magic. Eve, on the other hand, hated being vulnerable, always the savior and never saved, but needing saving sometimes was only human, she had to face that. Maybe there was some truth in those transformations, and maybe, even without the spell, Cassandra could be Eve’s savior.


Title: No warning
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#036 - consequences
Word count: 100
Summary: The consequences had to catch up with her at some point.

When Peggy came back from her latest mission, Angie was gone. No warning, no note, no nothing, just gone, along with all her things. Peggy’s first thought was that she had been taken, but a few phone calls were enough to learn that she had simply moved away, to follow her dream of being an actress. Peggy should have known better, she was never home, always away on missions, leaving Angie alone, the consequences had to catch up with her at some point, but she thought she would have time, more time, signs. But she didn’t, and there were none.


Title: Perfect and unattainable
Fandom: The Good Place/Eleanor Shellstrop
Pairing: Tahani Al-Jamil
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#037 - paradise
Word count: 1000
Summary: So, this was it. The Good Place. Heaven. Paradise. The best possible outcome. The most desirable place to be.

So, this was it. The Good Place. Heaven. Paradise. The best possible outcome. The most desirable place to be. The place to where only the absolutely best people got to go.

And she didn’t belong there, but that seemed like an inconsequential detail when it came to whether or not she should be enjoying herself. After all, if the Good Place was so good, then it had to be good for everyone who was there, so, if she didn’t make an effort to enjoy herself, then she was being unnecessarily disruptive. Therefore, what a good person would do would be to seize every opportunity to be happy as to not disturb the purpose of the Good Place.

Yeah, right. Not even Eleanor bought into that bullshirt. Bullshit. Bull-shirt. Fine, whatever. The whole cussing censorship thing was the hardest to get used to.

Still, the point was, this was supposed to be paradise, and it didn’t seem fair that it wasn’t her own little corner of heaven, even if she wasn’t even supposed to be there. She wasn’t envious, not exactly, she just wanted to belong there, and wanted that place to belong to her. Would that be too much to ask for?

Although, if she were really honest with herself, which was something she avoided doing at all possible opportunities, she didn’t want to be exactly like those people. Just more like them. She wanted to be good and deserving of being in heaven, but she didn’t want to be one of those happy people whose only purpose in life, afterlife even, was to do nice things that made them look good.

Like Tahani. Eleanor most definitely didn’t want to be like Tahani, who thought she was so perfect and amazing and beautiful and good. And, alright, some of these things were true, fine, maybe most of those things, but not all. And she didn’t want to be like Tahani with her perfect contagious smile, and her perfect long and silky hair that just made you want to pass your fingers through it, and her piercing, shiny eyes that hid mysteries in their depths, and her beautiful skin that seemed so soft, and her fashion sense that shouldn’t look as good on her as it did, and her constant aura of positivity that made everyone want to be happy around her to make her happy, and… Eleanor had a point with that, but she forgot it along the way.

It was just… Tahani just had to be so perfect, didn’t she? Always so perfect. She belonged there, as much as Eleanor didn’t want to admit it, and that was the most infuriating part of this. Eleanor wanted to prove Tahani’s presence there was just as much of a mistake as hers, because then…

Tahani was just so… perfect, alright, that was the first thing that always came to mind when thinking about her, and beautiful and kind and generous and that just… Couldn’t. Be. True. That was it. A person like her couldn’t exist, because there was no such thing as a perfect woman, as a perfect person even. Perfect people didn’t exist, therefore, Tahani couldn’t be as perfect as she seemed.

And maybe there was something else to it. Tahani seemed so perfect and unattainable, and maybe if she wasn’t as perfect as she seemed, she would also not really be unattainable. Not that Eleanor cared about that, because she didn’t, she hated Tahani and wanted to destroy her.

Except Tahani was a beautiful person in a way that had nothing to do with how hot she was. Despite the fact that she was, totally hot that is. Like, that was an undisputable fact, whatever else Eleanor could think about her, Tahani was just plain hot, that wasn’t even a matter of taste, it was just an universally accepted fact. Whatever, she could be hot and still not be as good a person as she acted like she was. Hot people can be evil too, and flawed and selfish and petty and oh great, now Eleanor was just building up her own self-esteem. Which was fine, a healthy ego never harmed anyone, but was just not the point she was trying to make. If she was that dispersive when talking to herself, she wondered how everyone else could even keep up.

Anyway, Tahani was attractive, sure, which didn’t mean Eleanor was attracted to her. Like, not necessarily at least. Except she was, maybe a tiny bit. Or a little more than a tiny bit, but who could blame her? After all, all they had to do was look at Tahani to see what she was up against.

Whatever, the point she was trying to make was that Tahani was in the way of that being a paradise for Eleanor too, being just so perfect like that. And if Eleanor could prove that she wasn’t such a good person, that Tahani was more like her, a medium person, then she… would have proven that, which would no doubt bring her some sort of satisfaction, even though she couldn’t tell what kind of satisfaction that would be. Hey, she never claimed to be in tune with her feelings, or that she was a well-adjusted person for that matter, so she couldn’t be judged for that.

At this point, she didn’t know if she wanted Tahani disgraced and cast out, to raise to Tahani’s level, or to have Tahani get down to her level. Those were difficult feelings to tell apart. All that she know was that, right now? This wasn’t her paradise. And not just because she didn’t belong. And as much as Eleanor hated to admit that, she had a feeling that Tahani would have a hand in making things better or worse for her. She just didn’t know how exactly, at least not yet. But she would definitively find out, and that wasn’t an excuse to hang out with Tahani more. Well, not only an excuse at any rate.


Title: Another Universe
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Sam Carter/Elizabeth Weir
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#038 - alternate universes
Word count: 100
Summary: In another universe, Atlantis had them both.

In another universe, Elizabeth escaped a lethal injury, and her nanites were never activated. In another universe, Sam came to Atlantis, not as a replacement for a leader that couldn’t be replaced, but as a scientist who, now that her team was disbanded, wanted to be where new technology to be explored was. In that universe, Elizabeth would grow to admire Sam for the brilliant scientist she was, and Sam would grow to admire Elizabeth for the inspiring leader she was. In that universe, in a kinder universe, Atlantis would benefit from their union, things would be better this way.


Title: The question
Fandom: sense8
Pairing: Amanita Caplan/Nomi Marks
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#039 - question
Word count: 100
Summary: Nomi was ready to pop the question.

Nomi looked at the ring one last time before putting it away. Amanita would be there any second now, and it wouldn’t be good to spoil the surprise by being caught with the ring before it was time to pop the question. They had been through so much already, and Amanita had always been on her side no matter what. Now that they were no longer running for their lives, Nomi just wanted to make it official. It would be a lie to say she wasn’t nervous, but even now she was overjoyed, this was everything she wanted of life.


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