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Title: Who Vivienne loved
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairing: unrequited Female Trevelyan/Vivienne
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#081 - jealous
Word count: 1000
Summary: Evelyn was no fool, she knew that Vivienne’s feelings for Duke Bastien were genuine, and as such, Vivienne would never as much as look at her while the Duke was still alive.

Evelyn was no fool, she knew that Vivienne’s feelings for Duke Bastien were genuine, and as such, Vivienne would never as much as look at her while the Duke was still alive.

Vivienne hadn’t related her rejection of the Inquisitor to the Duke, but it was clear, once Evelyn grew closer to her, that what at first seemed to be a convenient relationship to increase Vivienne’s status and influence was actually founded on real feelings, at least on Vivienne’s part.

However, Vivienne was a practical woman, and if those inconvenient feelings were taken out of the way, she might be persuaded to see the advantages of being in a relationship with someone as influential as the Inquisitor. After all, Evelyn had some suspicions that Vivienne could be made to be a strong candidate for the next Divine, if the right favors were called, and of course, having the public support of the Inquisitor. And if Evelyn knew that, the thought must have crossed Vivienne’s mind as well. It was just one of the many things she could do for Vivienne, if she would allow herself to be placed under Evelyn’s protection.

A relationship between them could be beneficial for both, in a political sense, but for Evelyn it wasn’t just a political issue. At first, she just thought that Vivienne was fascinating. She was like no mage Evelyn had ever met, so in control, and so apt to dealing with the political game of Orlais. As a Templar, Evelyn had heard many things about Vivienne, from inside the Order and by listening to comments made by mages, and so, when she went to recruit her, she couldn’t help but feel very small under the presence of Vivienne.

Evelyn had never imagined she would fall for a mage, after dedicating her life to keep them in check and seeing first hand how dangerous they could be even when under control. However, Vivienne never disputed that the Circle was the best place for mages, she understood how necessary the Circles were and how they kept everyone safe, even the mages themselves. Vivienne even stayed to lead the mages after so many escaped and the war started, because she knew that the Circle was where mages were supposed to stay. Even though she was a mage, she had proven to Evelyn that she could be trusted.

Still, she had to go and fall for the Duke. Evelyn saw that as the one mistake Vivienne had made, because, although the Duke’s position offered her some advantages, she could have so much more now, and tieing herself to a lover for so long decreased her chances of advancing her position.

However, the Duke was old, and he wouldn’t be a problem for much longer, or so Evelyn hoped. She couldn’t stand the thought of being rejected in favor of him, and knowing that Vivienne loved him filled her with jealousy. Evelyn wasn’t used to not having what she wanted, not for long anyway, and this wouldn’t be the exception. She wouldn’t have the Duke killed, the risk of Vivienne discovering what she had done was too high, but she just need to wait for the perfect opportunity to do away with him, and then she could have Vivienne for herself.

And the opportunity presented herself when Vivienne asked her for the heart of a snowy wyvern.

Unlike most of her colleagues, she didn’t avoid all knowledge of magic. She knew it was dangerous, of course, and was glad she wasn’t one of the poor souls cursed with magic, but she didn’t allow her fear to turn into ignorance. It was exactly because magic was dangerous that she should learn all she could about it. So, it was easy to discover what Vivienne wanted with such a rare ingredient, and from that, it wasn’t a great leap of logic to assume that she expected the potion to cure someone. After all, Vivienne was certainly beautiful, and could be somewhat vain, but she wouldn’t go so far as to use magic to keep her youthful appearance, Evelyn was sure she wasn’t careless enough to try something like that. Evelyn could ask Leliana to get information on Duke Bastien’s health, but would leave a trail for Vivienne to follow later, when she was heartbroken over the loss of her lover, and Evelyn didn’t want that, so she would have to just hope that the potion was meant for the Duke, and that his condition was serious enough for him not to survive without it.

Evelyn would normally hate plans like that, made quickly, without all the information, but it was the opportunity she was hoping for, and she wouldn’t allow it to go to waste. She couldn’t refuse to help Vivienne, because that would place her as the cause for Duke Bastien’s death, and she didn’t want that. She wanted to be there to comfort Vivienne when he died, and then to direct Vivienne to love her like she loved her, and the only way for that to happen was if Evelyn had done everything possible to help, and the Duke still died. Taking too long to complete the mission was a bad idea as well because it would have Vivienne thinking that, if she had acted faster, the Duke would have lived.

So, the only alternative was to find a heart that was similar enough to trick Vivienne into using it to produce the potion. An enchantress as powerful as Vivienne wouldn’t be tricked by anything, though. The only thing close enough to the heart of a snowy wyvern to trick Vivienne was the heart of a common wyvern, so she would have to acquire that, without the rest of her party noticing. Perhaps she could both a snowy wyvern and a common one, and bring back parts of both, just to give Vivienne the wrong heart. If she could do that, then the Duke would finally be out of the way, and Vivienne could be hers.


Title: Stop before it begins
Fandom: Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Pairing: Jadzia Dax/Lenara Kahn
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#082 - stop
Word count: 100
Summary: This had to stop before it could begin.

This had to stop before it could begin, or she wouldn’t be able to move away from Jadzia, and she had to. She loved Jadzia, perhaps even more than she had loved Torias, and that was why she couldn’t allow Jadzia to throw away Dax’s life, Lenara needed Jadzia to continue existing long after she was gone. It was a painful decision, but she had to be the one to put a stop to this, be the rational one. Dax would always follow her heart no matter what, so Lenara couldn’t have that luxury, as much as that pained her.


Title: Haunted
Fandom: Crossing Lines
Pairing: Anne-Marie San/Eva Vittoria
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#083 - ghost
Word count: 100
Summary: It was like being haunted by Anne-Marie’s ghost.

It was like being haunted by Anne-Marie’s ghost, minus the ghost. Her presence was palpable, in every aspect of Eva’s life. The office and her home became toxic places, constant reminders of the person she lost. Maybe they should never have gotten close, getting involved with a coworker was always a recipe for disaster, and it just happened to blow up sooner, and in a different way than it was to be expected. Everything reminded her of Anne-Marie, and she couldn’t even cut those ties because then Eva would have nothing left of her. All she could do was grieve.


Title: A drink with a friend
Fandom: Quantico
Pairing: Alex Parrish/Shelby Wyatt
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#084 - drink
Word count: 100
Summary: It was more than just a drink.

Alex was just having a drink with a friend, with whom she had been through a lot, over the past couple years. Right, Alex couldn’t even lie to herself, let alone deny that Shelby also knew this was different. It was new territory, but they had been through too much for it to be scary. The good thing was, they knew each other too well, the good and the bad, for anything to come between them. This was walking into something with both eyes opened, and it was a new experience for them. Hopefully, it would be a good one.


Title: A difficult decision
Fandom: Luke Cage
Pairing: Misty Knight/Claire Temple
Rating: M
Prompt: #100|#085 - blood
Word count: 1000
Summary: There was nothing Claire could do to save Misty’s arm.

There was so much blood. Blood everywhere, she couldn’t even track where it was coming from, and even if she did, there was no way of knowing if she would be able to stop the bleeding in time. This reminded her of another occasion, so long ago, when Misty had been shot on that same arm, and Claire, by some miracle, had managed to save her inside their barely lit hiding place. It didn’t seem like the miracle was about to repeat itself, not that day, and Claire didn’t know what to do. She was allowing her emotions, her feelings for Misty to get in the way of making a decision.

When this happened before, they barely even knew each other, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they disliked each other. However, they had gone close over the months, closer than they ever expected to be, and now this was clouding Claire’s judgment.

Misty’s arm was crushed under a large piece of concrete, blood flowing freely where the concrete had breached the skin, and the ambulance was still fifteen minutes out, if they were lucky. The solution to Misty’s blood loss was obvious, but Claire didn’t want to think about the obvious, she wanted an impossible solution, one that would allow her to save Misty’s arm, even though all her medical knowledge told her it was impossible.

Even if Misty didn’t bleed out before the ambulance arrived, her arm had been under the concrete for too long, they couldn’t lift it, or even break the arm free, without risking crush syndrome, and that would kill her as surely as the blood loss. Even if it hadn’t been to long, she could see the arm was crushed before all hope of repair, cut nearly to the bone on impact. It was too late to get her out in one piece, it had been too late since the moment the building started falling on them, and it was sheer dumb luck that they hadn’t died before the rumble stabilized.

Misty wasn’t even awake to help her make this call, to support her. After this long, she had gotten used to looking at Misty for support, and she felt alone now, even though she had her fingers inside Misty’s arm, trying to stop the bleeding.

If Claire didn’t make a decision, time would make one for her. Misty didn’t have fifteen minutes, not unless the bleeding could be completely stopped, and there was only one way of doing that, short of amputating the arm, and she didn’t have the tools for an amputation, nor was she sure that she could do it to someone she loved, at least not like this, alone in the field, having to make a decision that would most likely make Misty hate her for it. She had to cut blood flow to the region, completely, just sever the arm’s blood supply, using something not unlike the torniquetes people made when they didn’t know what they were doing, and that usually caused more harm than good. Of course, in this case, depriving the limb of blood was the intended result, not an unwanted consequences of a well-meaning action taken in ignorance. She was horrified to even think about it, but it was the only chance Misty had of staying alive long enough for the ambulance to rescue her, and it could buy the paramedics enough time to do the amputation.

Claire wished she could ask Misty permission, or at least explain to her what was happening, but Misty had long since lost conscious, which was probably for the best. Claire knew the science behind the injury, and she had had a few patients in that situation, but she still couldn’t even imagine the pain Misty would be through if she were to wake up, at least unconscious she was protected from part of the effect, although not all; with an injury like this, she would probably still be in tremendous pain, even unconscious. Still, Misty had held on, for as long as she could, to conscience, and in the end, it was the blood loss, not the pain, that defeated her.

Claire took her belt and tied it around the arm, as close to the concrete as she possibly could, there was no point in killing more of the limb than it was strictly necessary, and she knew whatever Misty could keep would probably make the use of prosthetics easier, even though that wasn’t Claire’s specialty.

She wondered if Misty would hate her for it, never want to see her again, but in the end, it didn’t mattered. She wanted Misty to live more than she cared about her own feelings, and she was a nurse above all else, her job, no, more than that, her calling was to save lives. And Misty would live, she wasn’t about to allow Misty to just die in a dusty condemned building that had mostly fallen over their heads. No, Misty would get to a hospital, safe, where she would recover, and maybe hate Claire for what she had to do to save Misty’s life, but the important thing was that she would live.

It was the first time Claire had to make such a big decision for someone she cared about, and it was as difficult as she thought it would be. This was why doctors and nurses couldn’t work on their relatives and loved ones, it was too easy to have one’s judgment clouded by feelings, because medicine sometimes was about making compromises to make sure the patient would survive in the best possible shape, but how could anyone want anything other than someone they loved to recover fully?

She just hoped that Misty would recover, in whatever shape that was possible now. And that, perhaps, one day she could forgive Claire for making the hard choice needed to keep her alive. But even if Misty didn’t, Claire would still be content for having saved Misty’s life.


Title: Sweaty and flushed
Fandom: Dragon Age Inquisition
Pairing: Cassandra/Female Lavellan
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#086 - sweat
Word count: 1000
Summary: Ellana liked to watch Cassandra train.

Cassandra was a warrior, and that was made evident in every aspect of her life, even if in some more than in others. She was strong and dedicated, and could always be found training for several hours each day, starting early in the morning while most of Skyhold’s population was still asleep.

Ellana admired that, and admired was both the exact right word and not quite described what she did. There were many ways a mage’s training was different from a warrior’s, even though neither could be considered harder or more demanding. Ellana herself trained almost as much, although she would prioritize working on her spells over sparing. Sparing always made her kind of nervous that she would end up frying someone by accident, even if not using a magical staff, although that even happened once and didn’t produce any casualties.

Still, Cassandra’s training routine was fascinating for her, in a way that was hard to explain. Ellana liked to wake up earlier just to sit around back and watch Cassandra destroy training dummies and targets, which was saying something, since she wasn’t a morning person.

Cassandra knew she was there, of course, despite Ellana usually staying out of sight. It would be next to impossible to sneak up on her, especially when he adrenaline was high from practice, and Ellana was never very good at stealth, that was for rogues.

The first few times, Cassandra asked her why she was there, but Ellana could never explain that in a satisfactory manner. So, after a while, Cassandra decided it was best not to press her and just accept her presence. It wasn’t as if she didn’t enjoy Ellana’s company, even if it was a little weird performing a repetitive routine every day with someone else looking.

It wasn’t that Ellana didn’t want to explain, was that she didn’t know how. How could she possibly try to make sense of it to herself, let alone make a coherent explanation to someone else? She had never before seen a human with such raw power that wasn’t a threat, there was that of course, but it wasn’t the only reason.

Ellana never paid much attention to other people training before. In her clan, hunters mostly trained in the woods, other mages resented her for her magical aptitude, and most of their warriors were either young men or older than her mother, so either way, she never found the idea of watching someone else train appealing.

But Cassandra… Cassandra was nothing if not appealing, in a way that made Ellana flustered every time she tried to explain. Ellan wasn’t very good at articulating this kind of thing, but Cassandra wasn’t either, which was probably why things worked so well between them. And probably why they got as far as their fifth date before realizing they were dating, although in both of their defenses, they didn’t have much in the way of experience, and dating was complicated, even if Ellana had been following Varric’s advice on how to court someone and just didn’t have any idea if it was working. Or, wait, maybe it was more complicated because of it.

Ellana simply like watching Cassandra train. The way she focused on the target like nothing else in the world mattered, how powerful her blows were, the way she screamed and grunted, and kept going, even as she started to build up some sweat. Ellana would follow the drops with her eyes, as the rolled down Cassandra’s neck and to her back, and would most certainly not think about ripping those clothes and tracing the path of those drops with her tongue. Or maybe she would, but just a little, not enough to be weird or anything. Although Cassandra was her girlfriend, so a little fantasying was probably fine, even if Ellana still feared that the sweat thing would be a bit weird.

And then, if she allowed her mind to wander, she would picture Cassandra coming at her like she was that target. All the ferocity but none of the hatred that went on in a battle. She would love to be the focus of all that power and ferocity and intensity. Have Cassandra pound her hard against the closest study surface available until it broke, grunting and growling like she was now.

Oh yes, more often than not, those training sessions would evolve into elaborate fantasies that would make Ellana blush, if not for the fact they were the only ones there so early in the morning, so a little privacy could be expected. She wondered if she would one day be able to convince Cassandra that no one would catch them out there, but Cassandra seemed too much of a romantic to go for the whole ‘let’s try not to get caught’ routine.

Still, just thinking about Cassandra just after training, all sweaty and flushed, high from the adrenaline and breathing heavily, gave Ellana the tingles. This was never something she thought she would like, but it was just one more in a long list of things she was learning about herself with Cassandra. She wished she could explain all that without it sounding weird, but that didn’t seem very likely. Ellana was never very good with words, it was a nightmare for poor Josephine that had to run around fixing all the diplomatic problems she caused by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Even so, she could try her hand at communicating, if what she was trying to communicate was that she needed Cassandra to go along with her to her bedroom. Preferably without taking a shower first, that would be nice. She thought she could convince Cassandra to do that. She could even throw in a nice post-coital wine and dine experience to make the deal sweeter, make things a little more romantic. Yes, that sounded like a nice plan, one that she would like to implement that very second, before she went back to the whole outdoors idea.


Title: End in tears
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Sameen Shaw/Root
Rating: T
Warning: Canon Character Death
Prompt: #100|#087 - tears
Word count: 100
Summary: It was always supposed to end in tears.

It was always supposed to end in tears, because people like them couldn’t just be happy, not as long as they were more willing to fight for what was right than they were to protect their own lives. It was always supposed to end in tears, but they still tried, still fell in love, still did all they could to stay together for as long as they could. Sameen always thought she would be the one to go, holding two guns against far too many enemies to defeat. It was always supposed to end in tears, but not like this.


Title: Poetry and folk songs
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairing: Josephine Montilyet/Female Cadash
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#088 - poetry
Word count: 100
Summary: Malika tries to remember some poetry.

They were outside, having a nice little picnic.

“Do you know any poetry?” Josephine asked, laying her head on Malika’s lap.

“Poetry?” Malika asked panicked, she couldn’t concentrate with Josephine so close.

“Anything would do, a lovely afternoon such as this asks for poetry.”

She remembered studying epic poetry, learning entire stories by heart, all gone now. She started singing the first thing in her mind. “Uh… Nug sits in the mud, nug wiggles his ears, you catch the nug, he slips away! Nug gets to live another day!”

Josephine sat up, one eyebrow raised. “Is that a drinking song?”


Title: Lost and found
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Pairing: Morrigan/Female Amell
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#089 - lost/found
Word count: 100
Summary: They were all lost, in their own way.

They were all lost, in their own way. Lost because they didn’t know their place in the world, didn’t know themselves, didn’t know what the future held for them. Solona didn’t even know how to live outside the Circle, or how to be a mage without the system put in place to keep her in check. She was lost, and then Morrigan found her, and even though she had her own interests in mind, she helped Solona find herself. And now, what Solona wished the most was a chance to repay the favor, to help Morrigan find her own path.


Title: Troublemaker
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairing: Josephine Montilyet/Female Trevelyan
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#091 - trouble
Word count: 100
Summary: Evelyn was never one to run away from trouble.

Evelyn was never one to run away from trouble, and she wouldn’t be stopped by a little something like her girlfriend’s engagement to someone else, not if Josephine didn’t want to get married. She was always the troublemaker in her family anyway, her parents would probably not even be surprised when they heard she challenged some noble to a duel over the hand disgraced merchant, they would probably be relieved it wasn’t worse. At least she could try to play this as romantic, and in any case, she never approved of marriages that couldn’t be freely canceled by either party.


Title: Promise to come back
Fandom: Black Mirror
Pairing: Karin Parke/Blue Coulson
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#092 - promise
Word count: 100
Summary: She kept believing Blue would come back.

Despite the radio silence, Karin still hoped Blue would come back. She had promised her, before explaining about her absurd plan, to get justice on her own. Blue promised to come back after she had done what needed to be done, and Karin believed her. No matter how many times she had to repeat the public lie, say Blue was dead, she still believed she would come back home safe and sound. Karin believed, she would keep believing, no matter how long had passed since Blue’s last message, since she last had any news of her. She would keep believing.


Title: Goodbye message
Fandom: Code Black
Pairing: Malaya Pineda/Eva
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#093 - message
Word count: 100
Summary: Eva didn’t even talk to her before leaving.

Eva didn’t even talk to her before leaving, she just left her a message explaining they needed a break. She wasn’t even surprised, not really, after everything that happened the previous year, she threw herself at her work not to have to think about things, and that meant she never had any time to spend with Eva. She couldn’t even remember the last time they saw each other while awake, probably weeks before. This came as no surprise, but she was still hurt. She wished she had done things differently, but it was too late for all of that now.


Title: Spots
Fandom: Star Trek Deep Space 9
Pairing: Jadzia Dax/Kira Nerys
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#094 - skin
Word count: 100
Summary: Nerys would never get tired of Jadzia’s spots.

Nerys would never get tired of Jadzia’s spots. She would trace their loops, from one to the other, forehead to the sole of the foot on one side, then going back up on the other side, stopping along the way to leave random kisses. Jadzia loved being the focus of her attention in such way, feeling cherished and admired, and she would guarantee that Nerys felt the same way, kissing and caressing and idolizing Nerys’ skin, making her feel as loved as she made Jadzia feel. It was a rare ritual, reserved for special occasions, but that they both loved.


Title: Take her breath away
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Pairing: Leliana/Female Tabris
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#095 - breath
Word count: 100
Summary: Leliana took her breath away.

Leliana took her breath away. Kallian had never met anyone like Leliana, who could disarm her with a simple smile, or the way she would push a lock of hair away from her face, or how she would gush about shoes on moment and transform into this efficient killer the next. It was hard to even concentrate near her, all Leliana had to do was look at her and then suddenly Kallian could feel her knees weaken. Of all the surprised the last few months brought to her, that Leliana could love her back was the only ray of sunshine.


Title: What should have been
Fandom: Ghostbusters
Pairing: Abby/Erin
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#096 - win/lose
Word count: 100
Summary: They should have been together.

They should have been together, win or lose, proof or no proof, no matter who was standing in their way. They would be the first ones to prove the existence of ghosts, their names would go down on history, together. It was supposed to have been like that. Them against the world, for better or worse, no matter what. That is, until Erin decided it wasn’t enough, that they weren’t enough, or that having a career was more important than seeking the truth and vindication. They should have been together, for better or worse, but that was not what happened.


Title: Hunting dragons
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pairing: Cassandra Pentaghast/Female Adaar
Rating: T
Prompt: #100|#097 - tooth and claw
Word count: 100
Summary: The beast was tooth and claw and powerful muscle, and they would tear it apart.

The beast was tooth and claw and powerful muscle, and they would tear it apart. Cassandra attacked it viciously, even though she would deny that hunting dragons was different from any other battle. Herah loved battling dragons, something primal was awaken in her during those battles, and this one was special, because she wanted a tooth to gift to Cassandra. The twin necklaces made from a dragon’s tooth were always special, but slaying the beast together only imbued them with more significance. Cassandra wouldn’t know what they meant, but she would still understand, as she too was a dragon hunter.


Title: Walls
Fandom: Star Trek Deep Space 9
Pairing: Ezri Dax/Kira Nerys
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#098 - walls
Word count: 100
Summary: She built walls to protect herself.

Nerys built walls to protect herself from the outside world, and only a select few were allowed past her defenses. It was strange for Ezri, having to navigate her way back, it wasn’t like recovering all of Dax’s other friendships. She had to recover Nerys’ trust in her, and that was no easy task. Ezri had to prove she was someone else, but still the same person in most of the ways that really counted, if she wanted to recover the relationship they had. Any hope she could have of a future relationship depended on navigating past Nerys defensive walls.


Title: Leaders
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Teyla Emmagan/Elizabeth Weir
Rating: G
Prompt: #100|#099 - ocean
Word count: 100
Summary: They lived in a city in the middle of the ocean.

They lived in a city in the middle of the ocean. For Elizabeth, a millenar alien city in another galaxy. For Teyla, the legendary city of the ancestors. It was too much to process, at times, and they had to be leaders to their people. They couldn’t hesitate or show incertitude, not in front of everyone else, it was one of many burdens of leadership, not having the same freedom enjoyed by all. Luckily, they had each other to count on, to confide their insecurities and fear. When all else proved to be overwhelming, at least they had each other.


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